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Now Hiring: Junior Production Talent

June 13, 2023

We’re hiring junior video production people. If you’re excited and talented and looking for your first (or second) real job in creator economy video production, we’d love to hear from you.

Nebula Studios is a world-class team of exceptional people. Our team has led or has had their hands in projects from nearly all of our creators, including Real Life Lore, Jet Lag, Modern Conflicts, LegalEagle, PolyMatter, Lindsay Ellis, and honestly it would be faster to type up a list of the folks who haven’t used the Studios team yet. Video essays, stage plays, documentaries, feature films. I’m truly amazed by the range and diversity of talent.

Digging into process over the last few weeks — categorizing things and getting a better handle on the differences between rapid-turnaround YouTube videos and prestige-style Nebula Original — we’re left with a much better understanding of how to build into the future, and a large part of that comes down to an interesting problem we only now realize we face: we don’t have enough junior people.

This is good news from most angles. It means we’ve built such an effective talent development pipeline that we’ve very efficiently helped junior folks gain the experience to move up. However, it also means that we’re currently missing the next round of junior people. We want to keep our mentoring skills sharp, and some tasks are simply better suited to folks who are learning the ropes. As more and more of our senior people get assigned full-time to top creators, we have more need for enthusiastic fresh eyes.

Entry-level jobs are important. They’re how we learn when we’re just starting our careers, and in an industry that is still very much in the invention phase, it’s more important than ever that there be great places for people to gain experience and see how things are done in the real world. YouTube-style video production has distinct needs, and there’s no YouTuber University where one can go to learn the skills and processes specific to this kind of work. (Not even — humblebrag — my NYU class on being a professional YouTuber.)

We’re well-aware that there’s a vast sea of hungry young editors, motion graphics designers, artists, thumbnail designers, and sound engineers out there who want to break into the industry and work with top creators. Many of them have aspirations of being creators themselves. We think our problems are complementary, so we’re adding a bunch of positions to our jobs page for junior production positions.

These aren’t unpaid internships. These are paying jobs where you’ll be on a team of skilled, experienced professionals with the history, context, and scar tissue of working on many high-profile projects with a variety of personalities. Our goal is to help turn junior people into senior people over time, growing our talent pool and offering more diverse perspectives and services to the creators we represent and serve.

If you’d like to be a part of that future, take a look at our jobs listings. Our standards will remain ever high, but we’re looking for enthusiastic, raw talent, not extensive resumes or fancy schools. Starting now, we’re going to keep all junior and mid-level production positions open perpetually — we can always make room for more exceptional people.