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RSS fans rejoice: Nebula now has official RSS feeds for videos. If you’re already familiar with RSS, you probably already recognize the value in this. Subscribing to feeds will allow you to be notified of things like new videos from your favorite creators, new Nebula Originals, and when a new creator joins Nebula. You can even subscribe to feeds to know when new Nebula Plus videos are available. We currently have the following feeds available:

Latest Videos:

Nebula Originals:

New Channels:

Latest Videos for a Channel:{channel_slug}.rss

Latest Videos in a Category:{category}.rss

Latest Plus Videos:

Plus Videos for a Channel:{channel_slug}.rss?plus=true

Plus Videos in a Category:{category}.rss?plus=true

Anywhere you see curly braces (ex: {channel_slug}), it means that part of the URL can be replaced with a number of different values. For example, if you want to know when a new video is posted to the history category, you would subscribe to We’ll include a list of category feeds at the end of this post, but know that this list may become incomplete as new categories are added in the future. For channels, the best way to find the channel slug is to navigate to the channel on web, and look at the final part of the URL. Lastly, as you may have already deduced from the feeds above, ?plus=true is an optional URL parameter that you can add to any video feed to get only Nebula Plus content from that feed.

We’d love to have a feed for My Library, but it presents unique technical challenges that we’re not ready to tackle quite yet. If you experience any issues, or have ideas for other feeds you’d like to see, please let us know at [email protected].

Category Feeds



Film & TV:




Nebula Originals:

Science & Engineering: