Nebula Blog


November 20, 2023

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the CuriosityStream bundle and whether Nebula will be included going forward, especially in light of statements that CuriosityStream has been making publicly and to its customers. For example, we’re aware of communications from CuriosityStream to customers making the promise that Nebula will be included in their bundle beyond 2024 if you sign up now for a two year bundle term. This is not accurate.

If you renew your CuriosityStream bundle subscription this calendar year, you will still get Nebula through the end of your 12-month subscription term. The latest someone will get access to Nebula via the CuriosityStream bundle is December 31, 2024, if they renewed their CuriosityStream bundle subscription on December 31, 2023. If they renewed on March 5 of 2023, they’ll get access until March 5 of 2024. And so on.

If your bundle access is set to renew in November or December of 2023, you still can still take advantage of the bundle. However, given that so many of you signed up, at least in part, because you wanted to support the creators, we should note that Nebula will not be paid for bundle users in 2024. CuriosityStream has stated, including in their recent SEC filings, that they will be ceasing revenue sharing with Nebula in January. The only way to ensure that all of your dollars go to Nebula and its creators is to sign up directly with Nebula.

This situation is understandably frustrating and confusing. We’re going to try to make it as painless as possible. Nobody should be punished for trying to support us, and we have no desire to ask anyone to pay twice. You can purchase an annual direct subscription today at a discounted rate of $30, and we won’t start the clock on your subscription until your bundle access expires.

While the bundle was advantageous to us in the past, one weird side effect is that there are a bunch of folks who use Nebula every day, but whose primary customer relationship is with CuriosityStream. That doesn’t mean we take your attention and support for granted. It just means we have an opportunity to prove our value and win your business as a direct subscriber. There are a lot of amazing, smart people here — creators and staff alike — working hard to make more great things for you. We hope you’ll stick around.