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Since the launch of Nebula Classes last month, the team has been hard at work on the next big update for Nebula. This week, we’re thrilled to get to share that work with you. Introducing…

  • Quick Actions
  • Watch Status
  • Watch History
  • Watch Later
  • Share Video

Quick Actions

You’ll find context menus sprinkled throughout Nebula (“…” buttons on website and mobile apps, or long-press on TV and mobile apps). Opening a context menu offers quick actions you can take on any given video, channel, lesson, class, or podcast episode. Some of the actions available are:

  • Share
  • Add to Watch Later
  • Download
  • Mark as Watched
  • Clear Watch Progress
  • Follow/Unfollow Channel

You can expect the contents of these menus to expand as the functionality of Nebula does, so be sure to keep an eye out for additional actions in the future.

Watch Status

Video thumbnails indicate a video’s watch status with a small blue progress bar at the bottom. Know at a glance which videos you’ve already watched, and even which ones you’ve started, but haven’t yet finished. You can also mark a video as watched to set its progress to 100%, or clear the watch progress on a video.

Watch History

Whether you’re trying to find that really interesting video you watched a couple weeks back to share with a friend, or just want to finish a video you got interrupted watching earlier, you can find them all in Watch History. Watch History can be accessed on any platform through settings. To remove a video from Watch History, simply use the context menu to clear watch progress, and the next time you load the Watch History, that video will be gone. You might be thinking that settings is a weird place to put Watch History. And you’re right; it is. Consider this a temporary living arrangement while Watch History’s proper home is under renovation.

Watch Later

See a video (or ten) that looks interesting, but don’t have time to watch right now? Now, you can finally add videos to your Watch Later list. Videos that you add to Watch Later will be shown in a rail at the top of the Featured view. After you’ve watched a video, you can leave it in Watch Later for easy reference later or remove it using the context menu.

Share Video

Have you ever watched a really interesting Nebula video, and tried to share it with somebody only to realize there’s no way to share unless you’re on the website? Us too. All content can now easily be shared through native share sheets on both iOS and Android.

We know these features have been high on a lot of your wish lists for a while now, and they’ve been at the top of ours for a while too. We’re excited to finally be able to share them with you, and look forward to hearing any feedback you might have: [email protected]