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Nebula First

October 31, 2022

Introducing Nebula First. Watch your favorite creator’s next video on Nebula before anyone else.

Starting today, you can look for a lightning bolt icon in thumbnail timeboxes to indicate that a video is on Nebula before it goes anywhere else. Anything that drops at least 24 hours ahead will get the bolt icon in the timebox, but in many cases Nebula First will mean a full video ahead; whenever a video from a participating creator drops on public platforms, the next video will already be available on Nebula.

We’ve always encouraged creators to post to Nebula early, but given the massive success of Jet Lag, we realized that the power of “click here to watch the next video now” was much greater than we’d expected. So we’re doubling down — we’re covering the production costs of an additional video for any creator who wants to participate.

Note: because creators get paid out by Nebula and our bundle partners based on signups and watch time, this will have some happy downstream consequences as well.

This means that the count of “only on Nebula” categories increases by one.

  • Nebula Originals — Fully-produced original content that lives exclusively on Nebula.

  • Nebula Plus — Bonus content and extended editions.

  • Nebula First — Videos that go to Nebula a full cycle before they’re visible anywhere else.

We’re working now to add rails for Plus and First content to help you more quickly identify the stuff you can’t see anywhere else. In short: white timeboxes are exclusive, black timeboxes are not (but are ad-free). The timebox updates are already live on the website and on iOS, and will be rolling out everywhere else this week.

Not every creator is on the same release schedule, so expect to see the rail populate throughout the next week or so, then with more frequent and regular updates over time as creators ramp up production.

And thanks again to the Jet Lag crew for giving us so much data to look at. #teamben